Following the acquisition of Four Danes A/S in Vissenbjerg, Bacher advised 3,000 m2 of logistics facilities on Fyn.

Because of the growth we are currently experiencing Bacher needs to increase the scope of our warehouse and office facilities. Therefore we are pleased that we have reached an agreement with FristadsKansas to rent additional facilities in the building at Blangstedgårdsvej 66, Odense.

For Bacher it is not only an agreement for additional space, but also a historic agreement as we have been Europe's largest distributor of the renowned Kansas workwear. Bacher was among the first to see the new premises at Blangstedgårdsvej as they were inaugurated in 1987.


Therefore, it is of special importance to us that we can recreate the bustle and "Life" in the 6,000 m2 warehouse facilities. In the future it will provide a framework for our activities in both Fyn and the Jutland region, as well as large international clients with operations throughout Europe.